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Sustainable New York City Apartment Living at The Edge - LEED Certified GREEN
As a New York condo buyer, you can do your part in saving our community and environment by purchasing a new LEED Certified Condo at the Williamsburg Edge Brooklyn development. Here at The Edge Williamburg, homebuyers can select from these spectacular New York LEED condos for sale that prove to have the least environmental footprint on your neighborhood. Living in a New York LEED condo that is Built GREEN certainly has its benefits including: healthier living spaces with filtered clean air, cost savings on energy and water as well as high efficiency appliances. The LEED Certified Williamsburg Edge New York condominiums are now promoted as being one of the healthiest and most green Brooklyn condo developments ever.

Here are some of the energy efficient and truly sustainable features incorporated into the design and development of the New York LEED condos at the Williamsburg Edge project for sale:
High percentage of recycled content construction and recyclable finish materials, reclamation and remediation of industrial site, exceeding NY State energy conservation code by fifteen per cent, high percentage of construction materials sourced regionally and roof terraces with heat reflective pavers. In addition, the resale New York LEED Condos at the Edge Williamsburg for sale will feature on site hybrid Zip Car location for residents and bike storage room in addition to being walking distance to bus stops, subway and water taxi. Other great sustainable living energy efficient features of the new Brooklyn LEED Williamsburg Edge Condos for sale include greenhouse gas emissions reduction by at least 30%, waterfront public park for your enjoyment, 70% of energy purchased from renewable sources like hydro, biomass, solar and wind power in addition to biodiesel fuel used for on site construction equipment. Other sustainable LEED New York condo features at the resale Williamsburg Edge Apartments include underground parking covered with landscaped terrace, restored waterfront access, and more than 75% of current construction waste will be diverted from landfill and recycled for various other projects. Interior sustainable living LEED New York condo features include energy efficient windows and walls, tall windows that allow plenty of natural lighting into your new Williamsburg home, sustainably harvested wood for floor and kitchen cabinetry materials in addition to non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products used in common areas. Other green building features at the LEED Williamsburg Edge Condo apartments include improved indoor air quality with filtered air in all New York City apartments for sale, occupancy sensors for lighting in common areas, homes sealed against smoke and odor leakage from adjacent apartments and corridors, no-VOC emitting interior finishes and individual lighting and temperature controls. All new Williamsburg New York LEED certified condos at the North and South Edge condominium buildings will also feature EPA watersense toilets and other water efficient fixtures, EPA Energy Star rated appliances and CRI Green Label plus certified carpets in hallways.

What is New York LEED Condo Certification and Sustainable Design?
• also known as GREEN building and construction
• alternative to conventional New York building design and construction
• incorporation of sustainable strategies
• materials use fewer natural resources, require less energy, save money
• New York LEED condos will create environments to protect human health
• LEED certification for the Williamsburg Edge is registered
• LEED New York is the most widely used third party rating system for green building
• LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Interior LEED New York Condo Features at The Edge Brooklyn
• EPA Energy Star rated appliances
• CRI Green Label plus carpets in hallways
• EPA Wartersense toilets and other water efficient fixtures
• filtered air for improved air quality in all rooms
• New York LEED condos sealed against smoke and odor leakage
• occupancy sensors for lighting in all common areas
• no-VOC emitting paints
• individual lighting and temperature controls
• tall windows for natural light in the Edge New York LEED condos
• energy efficient walls and windows
• sustainable harvested wood products throughout home
• non toxic biodegradable cleaning products in common areas
Exterior Features at the Williamsburg Edge LEED Certified New York Condos
• 70% of energy purchased from renewable resources
• biodiesel fuel used on site for construction
• restored waterfront access along East River Brookklyn
• bike storage room to promote clean transportation
• on site hybrid Zip Car location for shared car usage
• roof terraces with heat reflective pavers
• New York LEED condos reduce greenhouse gases by 30%
• waterfront public park at The Williamsburg Edge Condos
• reclamation of industrial site to residential pedestrian friendly area
• recycled materials usage throughout LEED New York condos
• 70% of construction waste will be recycled
• underground parking covered with landscaped terraces
• walking distance to water taxi, subway, bus stops
• high percentage of materials sourced regionally
• New York LEED condos will surpass NY State energy conservation code
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