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Welcome to the Brooklyn Condo BUZZ, the best Brooklyn condo website providing exclusive information about new, presales, under construction and recently completed Brooklyn New York condo projects and developments. Whether you are a first time Brooklyn condo buyer, downsizing or upsizing or even a savvy New York Brooklyn condo investor, the Brooklyn Condo BUZZ provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive details about new Brooklyn condos for sale in the New York real estate market place.
New Brooklyn Condos for Sale – Exciting New York Brooklyn Condominiums Throughout All Neighborhoods
Three words to sum up the new Brooklyn condos for sale and the New York Brooklyn condominuim real estate market are: exciting, affordable and convenience. During the latest New York real estate boom, Brooklyn borough was one of the areas that saw the most new condo development permits, rezoning, project applications, ground breaking, construction and completions in the entire NYC property district. There are many reasons why new Brooklyn condos for sale are very attractive to a homebuyer or condo purchaser. Firstly, Brooklyn real estate in general is more affordable then the closet rival, Manhattan condos. Secondly, because of improved affordability, new Brooklyn condos for sale attract first-time homebuyers and condominium purchasers who normally may not be able to afford Manhattan apartments. Thirdly, there is a wide range of housing types available in the New York Brooklyn condo market, including studios, one bedroom, two bed, and even three bedroom condominiums. With such a range in Brooklyn condo floor plan sizes and layouts, there is much to choose from whether you are a single professional, couple, family or even retirees. Fourthly, the new Brooklyn condos for sale in the New York real estate market place, although more affordable than Manhattan apartments, are still quite expensive. Therefore, there is a good balance between home owners (homes occupied by actual homeowners) versus Brooklyn condo renters. Because of this, the New York Brooklyn real estate market also attracts property investors, who invest in long-term condominium assets and rent them out to tenants. Fifthly, because of the Brooklyn condo boom during the past decade, there seems to be a lot of condominium inventory in the New York real estate market. Because of this, prices for new Brooklyn condos for sale have gradually decreased as asking prices and property values throughout New York City have fallen from their peaks in 2005 and 2006. With a slight over supply and less demand in the New York Brooklyn condos for sale marketplace, now is a great time for any homebuyer to look into buying a condominium apartment as a primary residence and long term investment. Coupled with low interest rates through great Brooklyn mortgage financing products, a Brooklyn condo buyer can take advantage of the lower prices and historic low mortgage rates at the same time.
First Time Brooklyn Condo Buyers Influencing the Marketplace
There has been much said, written, and analyzed regarding New York first time homebuyers and how they have affected the Brooklyn real estate marketplace. As mentioned above, property prices and values have dropped steeply in the past few years during the global economic crisis, and because of this, new Brooklyn condo affordability has increased. Basically, it is now more affordable to own new Brooklyn condos for sale, then it may be to rent the same suite from a landlord, which is affecting how New York first time homebuyers are reacting to rents and leases as well as how Brooklyn first time condo buyers are acting on purchasing new condominiums and apartments. Many New Yorkers did not expect in a million years that they would have a chance to own a home in the city as property prices were spiking and were unaffordable for even middle-income earners. However, because of the shift in property prices in Brooklyn New York condo market, many more residents are now in position to comfortable manage household debt, primary residence mortgages and the costs of home ownership. In order for new Brooklyn condos for sale to be deemed affordable for New York first time homebuyers, it is said that less than 50% of pre-tax income should go towards owning the home. This is obviously higher than the national average of 35-40% pre-tax income that would make a new condominium home affordable. With new Brooklyn condos for sale going down in asking price, first time New York homebuyers are taking advantage of historically low interest rates, that will reduce their monthly expenses and improve their household cashflow. With Brooklyn condo interest rates dropping as much or more than 5% in the past two years, this has created an unbeatable situation for Brooklyn first time condo buyers to get into the New York real estate market place and achieve their goal of owning their own condominium in the city. Therefore, New York first time homebuyers are definitely affecting the property market in Brooklyn real estate district and are influencing asking prices, property values and even causing bidding wars in some situations.
Presales Brooklyn Condos for Sale Including Pre-Construction New York Real Estate Projects
Brooklyn New York is home to almost three million people and the NYC metropolis has a population of more than ten million. With these population numbers in mind, it is no wonder that New York real estate developers and builders acted decisively on building high-rise tower residences and new Brooklyn condos for sale to attract and implement more density into the city. According to the goals of the Brooklyn housing market, densification is the only way that the real estate market can go, as there is not much land available for new developments anymore. Therefore, during the past decade, there have been many pre-construction Brooklyn New York real estate developments as well as new presales Brooklyn condo projects underway that have attracted a new breed of homebuyers; ones who don’t mind buying off the plan without actually seeing the final product. These presales Brooklyn condos and condominium projects included smaller townhouse and brownstone style pre-construction New York real estate developments in addition to luxury full floor residences and low rise concrete apartment buildings, but the majority of the new presales Brooklyn condos for sale were in the form of landmark high-rise tower condos of twenty stories or higher. With such densification, many developers sought premier architects to design iconic Brooklyn condos that would forever change the New York skyline. And so they did! From the Downtown Brooklyn Toren condos for sale to the Fort Greene Forte condominiums and from the Williamsburg Edge and Northside Piers condos for sale to the Court Street Lofts at Carroll Gardens, and even from the ORO Gold Street development to the NOVO New Park Slope presales Brooklyn condos for sale, not one neighborhood of Brooklyn New York real estate market was untouched by these massive new residential projects. Unfortunately, not all pre-construction Brooklyn condos produced affordable housing components, but some did. Other New York developers focused on providing the most luxurious Brooklyn condo living spaces imaginable, and in most cases, they succeeded in pushing the envelope in urban condominium living in NYC.

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